What is Acvioo points

  • Acvioo points can be discounted to a certain value discount
  • Need to create an account on www.acvioo.com in order to earn points rewards
  • There are many ways to get points
  • You can see a purple logo in the lower left corner of the page——Point Rewards——to check your points
  • We support Amazon customers to participate in point rewards, purchase avicio products on the Amazon platform, register for a website account and submit an Amazon order number (submitted in the form below). After confirm, we will give points rewards, 500 points per order.

Earning Rules

Share on Twitter30 Points
Follow on Twitter50 Points
Share on Facebook30 Points
Celebrate a birthday500 Points
Singup300 Points
Place an order on acvioo.com10 Points for every $1 spent
Post Amazon Order ID of Acvioo500 Points

Spending Rules

$5 off discount300 Points
$10 off discount600 Points
$20 off discount1200 Points
$25 off discount1500 Points
$30 off discount1800 Points

Note : 

  • Before you post your Amazon order ID , please create an account on www.acvioo.com.
  • Then after you post your Amazon order ID , the Acvioo Points will come to you. 
  • You can check your Points by purple logo in the lower left corner of the page.

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