How to properly clean adult products, sex toys, such as vibrators, vibrating eggs, etc?

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1. Cleaning of the vibrating rod

1 If it is a battery-type toy, please take out the battery and apply the cleaning solution. No matter what kind of toy, you must clean it before and after use. Please remove the battery before cleaning. Do not forget when you are not using it for a long time. Remove the battery. If the charging product has a waterproof plug, cover the waterproof plug. If not, try to avoid the charging port. Today's products are getting better and better for the design of the charging port. Now it is usually encapsulated or magnetic, and it is very waterproof.

2 Apply cleaning solution, please use a gentle shower gel or a professional cleaning solution on the vibrating rod, clear the vibrating rod by hand, then rinse with water.

3 cleaning the groove, many vibrating bars are textured, grooves, must be washed out these dead angles, you can carefully wipe the groove and other dead corners with cotton, etc., to prevent bacterial dirt residue. Do not use a brush to clean, otherwise it will scratch the delicate soft material.

4 Wipe clean, use a clean towel or a non-depilatory paper towel (such as facial tissue, kitchen paper), dry it by pressing (such as kitchen paper towel), or air dry, please be careful not to use ordinary paper towels here. In order to avoid residual bacteria, the bacteria grow. If the product has lines or grooves, use a folded kitchen towel to gently wipe the grooves at 90 degrees to avoid residual bacteria on the surface of the device.

2. Cleaning notes for jumping eggs

The most troublesome thing about jumping eggs is that there are wires connected. This refers to wired jumping eggs. Therefore, do not clean the wire when cleaning, but hold your hand to shake the egg to prevent the wire from loosening and causing a short circuit. Wipe-based strategy should also be used for cleaning. If you rinse with water, be careful to avoid the area where the egg and the egg are connected to the wire to prevent water ingress. After flushing the eggs, please use the kitchen towel to wipe the gap of the gap agent wires.

As for the wireless vibrating egg, it can be similar to the vibrating bar method above.


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