Kegel Balls - 3 in 1 (Purple) 

Kegel Balls - 3 in 1 (Purple) 



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  • Kegel Exercise is a Doctor Recommended Female Exercise. 
  • By The Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Strengthen The Support of The Bladder, Uterus and Large Intestine Muscles, Including Stretching and Contraction to Prevent Anal Incontinence. 
  • Proper Normal Exercise Can Achieve the Effect of Preventing Urine Leakage. 
  • Exercise Also Feel Better In The Bedroom! 

We treat women who:

  • -Has incontinence due to aging, recent birth or multiple births over the years 
  • -They are preparing for childbirth 
  • -You have pelvic organ prolapse
  • -You want to feel better in the bedroom!
KEGEL BALLS15 minutes a day and only a few weeks, you will feel the difference! After 1-2 months, you will have stronger and tighter pelvic muscles for better bladder control, job recovery and confidence!
BALLS with REMOTE CONTROL                           These are the most effective vaginal weight exercises and pelvic floor exerciser for your vagina. For the comfort of use, we have given a specially recommended lubricant to use it
PREMIUM SILICONE BALLSThe most comfortable, easy to use and safest Kegel exercise equipment available. BPA-free, hypoallergenic and medical grade. Soft, non-porous for easy cleaning, without openings, slots or ridges to trap dirt and bacteria.
PERFECT ADJUSTMENTFrom new moms to women who have gone through menopause, we have the perfect adjustment and training guide. Get rid of those diapers for urinary incontinence, lean on impress, and become a kegel teacher.
WARRANTY SERVICEWe provide 30 days without money back guarantee and 1 year warranty. If you have any problems in your use, contact us at and we will help you in 24 hours until you are satisfied.


1. Why do I feel that the ball is going to fall after inserting it?
2. Will the vagina be bigger if we put the ball inside?
3. It seems that leucorrhoea is more than before after use, why?
4. Why five balls?